Live Events Trump Television Every Time

Every year, I resolve to watch less television and to attend more live events.

That quote was made by a famous National Geographic photographer who was showing amazing slides to my husband’s photography group and spouses, and I was happy to see and hear him that evening.

I think of his quote every now and then, and I recalled it again this afternoon, as I headed home from an awe-inspiring live event on a number of levels.

Poet, lovely soul, activist, mother, herb lover, and more,  Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, was in this small mountain town in western North Carolina from New York City to meet with a group of us today in between a few other area engagements on her schedule.

I’d received an e-mail invitation about a month ago, and I’d written her name on my calendar.

Today, however, my attention almost led me down a different path to take a walk on this gorgeous spring afternoon.

I’d just received a call that two of my company’s radiant creations had sold at a nearby studio for Massage and Qigong, along with the incentive to pick up payment and to bring two new scarves with positive messages (to wear, share, or drape anywhere).

Exiting the door to walk there, I thought, If you walk to The Temple Within, you won’t have enough time to shower and go to the program.

My answer to that thought was to grab my car keys, and to make the pick up and delivery in a flash, so I could clean up, dress, and head to the talk.

Woo hoo!

I was rewarded in myriad, miraculous ways by making that choice.

First of all, I joined a circle of dear women, many of whom I haven’t seen in quite a while.

Mariahadessa asked us to say our names, what had brought us, and what we hoped to gain from our shared time.

Two spots to my right, a woman I know said her name was Gail.  On my right, the woman said her name was the same.  Gail number one asked how she spelled it.  Gayle.

Then Mariahadessa led a soulful, poetic time of sharing, reading, asking us questions.  It was interactive, inspiring, and tender.

We received her beautiful poetry read aloud, along with conversation about finding our authenticity, growing into new layers of ourselves, and the different ways we are activists.

The presentation would have been more than worthwhile.

And then while some folks were buying Mariahadessa’s book, others were talking to one another.

I started to walk past the two women named Gail/Gayle, when I heard them make an INCREDIBLE discovery.

Gayle’s grandfather was the brother of Gail’s grandmother, and Gail had Gayle’s grandfather’s photo hanging in her home!!

Then they started naming relatives and traits, and on and on they went, giving me a big case of goosebumps.

I stood there for awhile witnessing these two having such deep and wonderful moments together, before someone else I knew came up to connect with me.  Then I thanked Mariahadessa and gave her a hug.

And out the door I went, so grateful that I attended an event to fill my heart and poet’s soul, while also receiving the joy of two women who didn’t know one another discover they’re related.

Is it time to watch a little less television and attend a few more live events?  Is it time to connect with a relative you haven’t spoken with in awhile?  Is it time to nurture your soul with a poem?

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